Step by step guide

To meet our client’s expectations, we need to first understand their vision, wishes and needs. At Atelierninesixone from the first connection we ask all the right questions to gather a full portfolio of information. Building rapport and respect are vital to a great creative collaboration to achieve the best possible outcome for the client, and our own pride. We build on this from day one. The very first step is always connection.



We should follow several important steps:


  1. Face-to-face: The meeting can be as formal or informal as the client prefers. In the conference room or an online meeting. We hold this meeting as it is important to us to understand the vision and ideas of our client. We would also request further meetings to discuss proposals once we have completed a full concept and mood board at the clients convenience. We want to begin all connected on the same page.


  1. The welcome package: This consists of a combination of both our business portfolio and samples of our work. The client can make a clear and informed choice.


‘Our Business Portfolio’ - this document gives information on our company’s history, current data and statistics, an in depth on who we are and what we do, how many employees we have, our locations and more. This document will provide a client with an overview of our goals, capabilities and provide you with an overview of our successful projects, as feedback from our valued clients. You can also request information on the company’s employees and their relative experience, training, skills and credentials. Information can also be provided on our sister NGO. Tara W Kheit.


‘Sharing Work Samples’ - it is always best to see and touch an actual sample or something that demonstrates it. We present these to the client so that they can have a more tactile understanding of the materials they want to use. A more informed choice. From this point we can create a fabric and material mood board. A more 3D vision.


  1. The Questionnaire: One should ask the right questions to get the right answers. We need to know your vision and make you an essential part of the process. This is your vision. We are simply providing you with the steps and the force.  Questions such as, What age group are you targeting? What’s the inspiration behind this project? How do you prefer to communicate? Among others.

When we keep that connection, any challenges can be met with open discussion between client and creator to provide the best possible solutions. So everyone is happy.


  1. Let's get this project started: Once we have gathered all the information that we need we can now introduce the client to the team that they will be collaborating with. Designers will meet with the client and gather all information pertaining to design and embroidery details.


  1. Proposal, contract and payment: Once all the more informal meetings have taken place we need to share a pact with our client to deliver them the service that they deserve. The signing of the contract. The contract should clearly depict all necessary details between the parties; including and not exclusive to pricing, billing details etc. Our contract and terms of service are clearly attached to the business proposal. This will be one simple clear document for easy read and understanding. We accept both one off payments and payments on a planned proposal of terms between client and Atelier 961.


  1. The Call: We value our customers feedback highly, both the positive and the negative. We always aim to keep in contact to provide the client with information on other services that they might be interested in. Both by email and phone call. The good thing about a phone call is that it gives us a quick idea of any issues there might be and how to resolve them fast.


  1. Creation Begins - Your work is in our skilled hands. Trust us. We will have the job done in a time efficient way, with quality and respect.