Atelier 961 is a one-stop garment production hub with premium handcrafting services including: sewing, embroidery, crochet, cross-stitching, and more.


At Atelier 961, we specialise in customised garments. If you are a client looking for something totally unique, with our design team we can help you create the look that you desire. We also provide services to assist new start up brands and established brands from the development stage through to production. With our Atelier family community we can provide you with  all of the relevant services you request with quality, efficiency and speed.  For this very reason, all of our production is developed in-house; we feel it’s best for communication and efficiency to have everything under one roof. A roof that is expanding as we happily grow and provide more jobs to more empowered women.

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  • Sample making

    We prelude production with
    sewing samples. Here our patterns
    come to life and client satisfaction
    grows. Now that we’re both
    happy with look, fit, and feel, we
    can confidently kickstart and scale
    up manufacturing.

  • Pattern Making

    We make patterns for all kinds of
    products. From apparel to
    accessories and flat & simple
    to popping in 3D. We take our
    blueprints seriously and deliver
    hand-drafted, digitized, and
    graded templates to clients.

  • Collaborative design

    We’re designed for design, our
    favorite part in a new product’s
    lifecycle. Design is a ‘function
    seeking form’, requiring the right
    mix of problem-solving and
    attractive aesthetics. Our process
    of iterative, collaborative dialogue
    is not complete until we see
    eye-to-needle with the client.

  • Industrial embroidery

    We’ve packed enough needling power under the hood to fulfill virtually any mass production need. All kinds of industries (Retail, hotels services and utilities for schools, governmental institutions, etcs..) come to us for reliable, hassle-free delivery of their most challenging bulk demands, be it in terms of scale or intricacy.

  • Freehand embroidery

    We’re renowned for our
    exceptionally distinctive
    needlework. Our embroidery
    reflects the unique personality of
    individual stitchers and new
    machine techniques we innovated
    in-house. This is our needlecraft at
    its most original and artful form.

  • Material resourcing

    We systematized an extensive
    library at our clients’ fingertips for
    fabrics, trims, notions, and most
    ancillary services. It takes us very
    little time and effort to identify and
    source the perfect material fit to
    suit clients’ design, delivery, and
    budgetary requirements.

  • Studio services

    We let our team’s best of the best
    do their best for budding brands
    and designers. Why reinvent the
    wheel from scratch when we’ve
    invested enough tools and talent
    in-house on the same wheel? From
    identity branding for newbies to
    automated product photography
    for up-and-coming brands, we’ve
    got the whole support spectrum

  • Packaging

    We don’t judge books by their
    covers but see no reason why covers shouldn’t measure up to the treasures they package. From folding, compressing, and wrapping, to tagging, labeling, and bundling, we deliver products that are wrinkle-free, safe during shipping, and a delightful
    experience to unbox.

  • Brand management

    We love to position ourselves as
    the brand behind the brands,
    facilitating all kinds of support in
    brand marketing and social media
    strategy for seekers and affiliates.
    Like a rising wave raises all ships at
    sea, our production house seeks to
    lift all brands associated with Atelier961.


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